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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Whirlibird wrote:</div>The problem for Ven is that aside from oil, they really don’t have squat to work with.

And already having been in crisis for years, they’ve already burned most creditors.

We are well above their level, the S&P rating for Ven ic CCC+, unlike the US. We could default on most everything and not be that bad off.

…. we are defaulting on everything and stripping the cupboards bare. We the people should thank Saudi and Opec for the oil cut.<br><br>
Its nice to have some money in my pocket for a change.<br><br>
We will burn China sooner or later and their exports to us will stop. teotwawki<br><br>
In the long run Venezuela is like Nigeria. Too many people to feed. To many .gov officials to pay off. Wait till oil goes to $25 bl.

China stops imports to us, I’m afraid that might save the middle class.<br>
We’d have to actually ramp up production on materials and goods made here in the US.<br>
Perish the thought.


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