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There are certain parts of our subconscious we can not “turn off”. Our brains take in mass amounts of information every second. Our reactions however can be “turned off”. Our brain picks up info and sends a message to the body, much like sending an email. You can read the message or you can leave it in your inbox. I’m sure Whirli can attest to this but a persons eyes will often tell you what they have in mind. “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Because we get so busy we shut down our desire to worry or care about those around us. Your exercise of loving kindness thoughts is an example of something waking up in you that has gone dormant. the longer you do it the more awake that part of you becomes. The more awake it becomes the more your eyes project that intension. That is why people’s responses increase as you go along. My wife used to really be bothered by the fact I don’t know a stranger. We would be standing in line at the supermarket and I would strike up a conversation with a total stranger. Most people are good people. A persons reaction to friendliness can tell you a lot about them. An angry or agitated person often will not acknowledge the act or may even have a rude reaction. You have not posed a threat but have quickly determined they may be someone to stay away from. Being watchful of how people react to you or maybe how they react to a greeter at the door of Walmart could just give you the tip to keep you out of harms way. Smile often and keep your eyes open.