For some background, I’m a bi-lateral amputee, age 64, and my wife is 71. It’s very difficult connecting with others of like mind when they are not sure that we will be able to carry our weight in whatever situation rears it’s ugly head.

I do understand their concern, although we have been around self-sufficiency for most of our lives, to include hunting, fishing, gardening, etc. So I believe we have something to contribute. Yet, when ever we bring up the topic they make their excuses and then they’re gone.

My wife and I believe that survival in our situation will be very difficult, and we will more than likely be short-lived without the help of a group or being part of a MAG. I’m very interested in any ideas y’all might have. I too, believe it will be best to put together a group prior to SHTF. Once it goes down and you decide to bring people on board, remember, you haven’t had a chance to get to know them. What are their personalities like? Will they do their share of the work? Are they trustworthy? You can’t know these type of things in a short meet and greet.

I’m not saying don’t take anyone in after SHTF, but I am saying you have a better chance of this succeeding if you plan and bring people together prior to the SHTF. I’m suggesting you will need to be especially careful and think this through, thoroughly.