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Venezuela better kiss Xi-Xhao-Pingo-was his name-o’s @$$ cuz that is the only member of BRICS that has any real leverage w/o oil sales.
Brazil and ZAR may be OK, but Russia is pretty low right now. The US oil trade machine is being brought lower, which is amazingly easy, they just let the prices naturally drop… This does many things for TPTB, it de-funds their enemies, it drops domestic prices which is always good for poli-ticks and it kills the small oil producer who needs higher prices to operate. They have to shut down, or even sell off, to the big boys who are firmly entrenched in the political system and WILL Predictably not “bite the hand that feeds them”. It’s a big win-win-WIN for TPTB all the way around. Once the oil industry consolidation is complete, and things return to normal, we’re right back to higher oil and fuel prices.
I Guarantee!

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