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lonewolf, it may have been part of it if he deep down agrees with the terrorists that you cannot insult Islam. He hasn’t exactly come across as outraged over what happened in Paris, same as he hasn’t been outraged over any terrorist attack during his tenure. The best he ever musters are a few weasel words that satisfy the minimum expectations of his supporters. The man was raised as a Muslim until he was at least 10 years old (when he was sent to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents). Whether he continued as a Muslim after that is debatable but even if he didn’t you can’t fully undo 10 years of indoctrination. This may be part of the reason that after 6 years in office his various Muslim half-siblings are kept completely out of the media and the public knows nothing of any childhood friends, former neighbors or teachers, or girlfriends. He is a man virtually without a past.