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I just happen to have a stainless steel one on the shelf in my bedroom, many civil war suttlers carry them. If I didn’t already have a couple of sets of British mess tins, I would have that in my bug out kit for a lot of the cooking chores. I had made good use of a carbon steel mug the same size as most muckets for a number of years, until it was getting pretty well beat up from being landed on too many times when I “died”, I retired it once the handle seperated at the bottom. A little rice, some dried beef and a carrot or two makes a pretty decent campfire stew in one of those, man I think I need to find the recipie again and do another batch of dried beef, the first batch I ever made was over dried, had to shave it off with a knife, but a chunk lived in my haversack for over a year and the only change was it getting smaller with use.