First off, Selco I absolutely agree with you. For about the past 20-25 years, I ahve noticed world-wide that news media will never tell you the full story and it is usually long after the core drama of a situation passes will the media disclose information the public could’ve actually used when the situational drama was originally ocurring. I don’t see it changing any time soon as the media seems to be comforable operating this way.

Second, I must admit that I find all these “suicides” very interesting and peculiar. While I am not what most folks would call a “conspiracy theorist”, I cannot help but wonder if all these deaths were bonafide suicides. Something smells fishy here. Where it may all fit in has yet to be determined. I’m sure there are some very important people in certain places that have lost large sums of money and are not too happy about it. Eventually this will all come out of the media either directly or indirectly but as for now it’s just a matter of watching for any developments and seeing where the pieces of the puzzle fit in.

Many of them cried; "Me no Alamo - Me no Goliad" and for most of them these were the last words they spoke.