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I’ve long thought ‘Bams was a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, if not an outright member. I believe one of his half brothers in Africa is in charge of their finances, or at least is in charge within his own country. There is no debate over the fact that his father and step-father were Muslim. His father may not have played a major role in his upbringing but his stepfather did. There is absolutely no doubt that his father would have considered him to be Muslim by birth and surely his stepfather would have considered ‘Bams to be Muslim for the same reason. Any child of a Muslim man is considered Muslim by birth and is going to be treated accordingly. ‘Bams himself talked about going to mosque in Indonesia with his stepfather. He as well commented once something to the effect of “no sound is more beautiful than the call to prayer”. The article references ‘Bam’s displeasure when the people rose up and overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I remember how out of place that reaction was at the time given we tend to support uprisings against brutal dictatorships, and certainly should have supported an uprising against a terrorist organization. CAIR has long been considered to be a Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas front, and they certainly appear to have tremendous influence in the White House. I suspect ‘Bams had great ambition from a young age, and he certainly was smart enough to know he’d get nowhere if he were known to be a Muslim. That he picked a nominally Christian church to join in Chicago (more a hate group hiding behind a church facade in my opinion) brought him as close to the mainstream as he could do, short of becoming an actual practicing Christian. His actions as President speak for themselves, especially his refusal to use the words Islamic in the same sentence as the word terrorism or terrorist, and often even avoiding the words terrorism and terrorist if humanly possible. So, I at least would not be surprised if he were a closet member of the Muslim Brotherhood. At a minimum he is a supporter.