Sled. I have to agree with you for much of what you say, however at the same time I have developed a group of people that I know and associate with whose skill sets are useful now and after a SHTF situation.

One friend, a longtime contractor (construction) and Vietnam vet, while his combat skills are beyond ancient and his physical abilities are greatly reduced from his time ‘in country’ in the mid-60’s, he’s still a better than fair cowboy and can hunt/fish like no other.
One neighbor, cans everything. She’s a Wyoming liberal, (only owns 6 guns) and because of her health never leaves town. Sponge or valued asset?

Just had a customer leave the shop, nice kid, half my age but interested in prepping, and getting his gun collection in order as well as more training. Had I not opened my mouth during a class, I wouldn’t have had a decent asset in him, while not in ‘fighting trim’, he’s a harder worker and smarter than 95% of people I’ve met.

Much depends on the people you ‘cultivate’ and how.
Come off like a Doomsday Prepper reject, who’s paranoid about every .gov conspiracy, black helicopters, and the like, and you’re not going to gather the right people around you regardless of good intent.