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As noted in the past, my thinking was to move to a setting where most people have some level of practical skills, and to then make myself part of the community. Come SHTF, being a stranger anywhere is not an advantage. I have no knowledge of any of my neighbors being preppers but most folks here do some combination of raising animals (cows, sheep, chickens), veggie gardening, fruit trees & bushes, hunting/fishing, or the various trades (carpentry, electrical etc). One neighbor is a nurse. A medical doctor recently bought a place about half a mile up the road. Come SHTF, my hope is we will come together for mutual aid and support.

There has been lots of discussion about needing groups in order to have 24/7 security, but there is more than that to think about. There is a reason farm families had lots of kids. There is a lot of manual work involved with being self sufficient, and more skills involved than is typical of any single person having. The plan is my son & his wife will come to my place. My hope is my daughter & her family will too, though that is far from assured given distance issues. My son has a small survival group that have a BOL more designed as a temporary refuge than a live there forever place, and I told him he can bring a couple of his friends here if they can make it. This is my approach at least.