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I am also not so sure that letting other, less prepared and ill equipped people drag me down is a good way to survive a SHTF situation. It really all depends on what happens and when. Unfortunately, 90% of Americans have a misconception that someone will come to save them if something happens. Of the remaining 10% only about 10% of those are going to be able to take care of business if something does happen. I have a hard enough time getting along with .1% of the people I meet and only 6 of the hundreds I know are SHTF minded (only 2 I can stand). Even though I am considered “the person I am going to go find if anything ever happens” by almost everyone I am acquaintances with, I would not consider any but maybe 10 as anything but a liability. Most of those don’t have preps at all.

No one around me preps like me, educates and trains themselves as much as I do, or has the skill set I have. There is no way I could create a group that would up my survival chances, even with security as the goal.

Good thing I have family that I have trained and put supplies back. That is am “group” as I can feasibly see myself with.