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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>c wrote:</div>Lonewolf, I think you are right. You will do better by going with your nature. For some that will be group living. For others it will be going it alone. :)

Personally, I know I’m not much of a “team” player either. Without my family, I would go it alone too. :)

thank you, I have never been a team player, I always preferred being alone, was an “only” child and spent lots of time on my own, I’ve always said alone does not mean lonely-such a word is not in my vocabulary. I have trust issues, I cant just trust anybody I don’t know. there is an old prepper saying ” if you don’t know them, if you haven’t worked with them or spent time with them, then don’t trust them”. I live by this saying.

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