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The article states the obvious for us here, but I wish it delved more into how to develop a group without breaking OPSEC with those who aren’t going to join you. If I suspect someone might be of similar mindset I drop a subtle hint or two but if they don’t bite I back off and say nothing more.

freedom on the other hand wins the prep prize of the day. Even I never thought of catheters in the preps, and I am intimately familiar with them. Its been almost 10 years now but I had a nasty bladder cancer which involved a couple surgeries performed via catheter, recuperation periods using catheters 24/7, a year’s worth of treatments via catheters, and then many “inspections” via catheters. I’m down to just one inspection a year now. Maybe freedom knows the answer to this one but I do suggest lubricants for the catheters, and also a numbing agent. Numbing agents are inserted prior to the catheter going in and don’t really numb, but it does help.