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74, cutting and pasting an article (which I did read) from an obviously liberally biased journalist is not a debate nor even a discussion. While it is clear there are two major sects of islam, Sunni and Shia, both of whom claim to be the true defender of the faith, they do not argue on primary concepts of islam as required by Mohammed and as written in the koran. Those concepts are that islam is supreme to all other religions as well as to all governments. That islam is the one true faith. That muslims must wage war, or jihad, on infidels to bring the entire world to allah. That deception, lying or taqiyya, is justifiable, meaning nothing they say in public can ever be trusted. That murdering infidels is not only acceptable but can be required as is stated in the koran in numerous surahs. That women are inferior to men, even to the point where the testimony of a woman is only worth a fraction of a man’s (Surah 2:282 where the testimony of two women is required to equal that of 1 man), and Surah 4:24 that says women can be sex slaves to men. Then there is the fact that in islam, all non-muslims are infidels and inferior to muslims.

What is also telling is that Lee Keath does not make a single doctrinal distinction between Sunni and Shia. He hides behind a supposed distinction between al queda and muslim brotherhood, neither of which are sects but merely groups within a sect, and neither of them have the authority of clerics to speak on the behalf of islam. He also attempts to accuse the US and the Saudis of being in league which even if completely true, in no way changes the doctrines of islam nor does it excuse the murder of the people in France.

What is does show is that liberals are largely apologists for islam and muslims, despite the liberals knowing that muslims hate them as much as they hate any infidel, for liberal philosophy promotes homosexuality, adultery, and other sins that are punishable by death under islam.

In the end, the actions of muslims are the proof that they are inherently evil and will continue to work towards the goal of establishing a global caliphate where islam controls the entire world. That is not a world in which I care to live, just as the dictatorship of the New World Order is one in which I refuse to live. I believe that we here are all in agreement with my latter point, so I propose that we cease discussions about the philosophy of islam and focus on ALL enemies of Freedom, be they muslims, DHS, NSA, Ovomit, or any other form of dictatorship that seeks to control mankind by destroying Freedom. That is a goal I believe we can all agree is worth pursuing, don’t you?

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!