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tweva, thank you for taking time to reply. I have no wish to insult you, though it is clear we have widely divergent views. Here are my remarks, as brief as I can make them.
1. Your discussion of Irish Catholics coming to America in no way parallels the muslims coming to America. In your description, some Americans feared Catholics, but NO Catholic ever said they were coming to America to force people to convert to catholicism. In contract, that is the stated goal of islam in all their books and doctrines. Conclusion: Trying to somehow make an irrational fear of Catholics identical to a justifiable fear of muslims who openly say they want to enslave the world is not logical or intellectually honest.

2. You claim that Dr Warner is “fomenting more divide and divisiveness…”. The problem with your remark is he was merely recapping historical fact, and repeating what muslims have said and done. If that is divisiveness, that division is a DIRECT cause of islam, NOT Christianity or Dr Warner. Christians were running caravans across the ME long before mohammed made up his theocracy. Not until his growth did not match his desires did he suddenly receive a new message saying he should attack the caravans and divide the loot as “booty”, taking the women as slaves.

Yes, there was division in Dr Warner’s presentation but the division was ALL by the muslims who spread their theocracy by the sword.

3. No offense intended but your life experience has no relevance to the doctrines promoted by islam, all of which are written in the koran, hadith, and other islamic books. That doctrine is to “fight them until all is islam”, and that summarizes islam perfectly as their actions have proved. Go back and read about taqiyya and you will see why your “experiences” with muslims were not lethal to you.

To end this, I will tell you about an experience my son related to me as he is in the Military with a Special Forces group I will not name. He had a close friend who was in Afghanistan training the Afghan army. He befriended an Afghan and in an act of friendship, gave his pistol to the Afghani who immediately turned around and SHOT HIM DEAD. That is true islam and it is NOT right, but it is 100% factual.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!