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Tolik wrote:

Depends on the woman . My ex wife , was one of those that had to try on everything , read the contents of every food label , on and on . After the first few times , I refused to go with her shopping , ever again . The Russian woman I’m with now is a different story , she is like me in a store , She knows what she wants , gets it , and before I know it , she is tugging on my sleeve saying ” lets go ! ” . My older sister is another one , as we have some of the same interests . I take her to antique stores and gun shows .

I was gonna say, “Merican Woman” for the EX lol :D

I do most of the shopping, it’s pretty much in-n-out. I have my list, and I know the store, so I plan my route and save time. If the OL happens to be with me, I take 1 item at a time, and run around fetching items and returning them to cart like a bird dog :D Good exercise for me and it gets us out quicker, and I see more scenery ;)

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