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Freedom, there is no doubt but that the world’s elite see the US as the last safe haven for their wealth, and that they see property as a safer bet than stock markets or banks. It doesn’t mean that they are right, but it certainly is what they are thinking.

I am hoping to buy another 10 acres immediately adjacent to my property. I’m just waiting for the owner to be ready to sell it. It is an excellent parcel currently in use as a sheep pasture and hayfield. It won’t be cheap because it would make a great house lot. There is another 11 acre parcel for sale across the road from that one which is mostly wetlands but with a nice river flowing through it that had a water powered grist mill in colonial days. The price is low for that one because nobody can see the potential value in it other than a nothing special house lot on the couple dry acres it does have. I’m thinking if it had a water powered mill once it can have one again, though not until post-TEOTWAWKI because it would never pass muster with current environmental regs. There is no demand for house lots these days though, which is to my benefit price-wise. There’s only been one new home built in this town in the 5 years I’ve been here.