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tweva, since you entered the discussion on “religion”, you cannot expect people here to ignore your post without comment. So I will comment on your remarks based on my own understanding.

First, let me state I have read and studied islam for many years, albeit as a layman, not a trained scholar. Having said that, I have tried to maintain impartiality as I read through numerous books on islam, including the koran. Now when reading the koran, the first complaint I hear from muslimes is that the translation of the koran being read is critical for they claim that translators often misinterpret the book so that only certain authors may be considered authentic. One of those authors considered authentic is Yusuf Ali, so when I obtained a copy of the koran I made sure he was the author.

In technical terms, islam is a religion as it is a system of beliefs. However, it is not a religion like any other for it seeks to control, not merely guide, every facet of life for a muslim. In fact, islam is a theocracy for it places islam as the sole source of all policies guiding life for a muslim. Central to that belief, and one reason islam is not compatible with Western civilization, is that islam requires its laws to be surpreme over any other law, regardless of its source. For a Constitutional Republic as we have in the US, or as some claim used to have, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and no other law can take precedence over it or negate its principles. This is clearly antithetical to islam negating any possibility that islam can coexist within our Republic, for muslims will never honestly accept the Constitution as being superior to the koran and sharia law.

This raises a related issue of islam which is the concept of taqiyya. That principle allows muslims to lie any time it is necessary as long as that lie supports islam. Given that fact, a reasonable person must conclude that no muslim can be trusted for one of their guiding principles tells them to lie whenever they need to protect or defend islam. That principle has been witnessed many times as so-called “peaceful” muslims suddenly turn into radicals who murder infidels. Speaking of “infidels”, the very word as used in islam is repugnant to free people for it automatically and without exception categorizes all non-muslims as being fundamentally inferior to all muslims. It is also indicative of how muslims think for regardless of what they say publicly, their philosophy tells them not to make friends with infidels which combined with taqiyya, tells me they cannot be trusted no matter how peaceful they may appear to be.

The history of islam is also filled with violence form its very inception, for as soon as Mohammed realized his so-called “religion” was not growing, he suddenly received a new message telling him to start giving people the option to convert or die. He practiced that viciously as he personally led many raids where entire cities were massacred after they refused to accept islam and him as its prophet. A scholar, Dr Bill Warner, has made a detailed study of the history of islam to document, with facts, the true path islam used to expand. Over its some 1400 year history, he documented that islam primarily spread by the sword. As further evidence of that, he documents that some 250 million people were murdered by islam as it grew exclusively through conquest. Here is a link to that presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y&google_comment_id=z13pthr5guazxh5ib04chdfitvfqf3543gk

Looking at the doctrines of islam that guide the lives of all muslims, the koran clearly requires all muslims to either participate in or support violent jihad. The evidence of that is that all the latter verses in the koran call for muslims to “fight them until all is islam”. Now when reading the koran, one must acknowledge a concept Mohammed used to conveniently change his story line when he was not getting the results he wanted. That concept is abrogation which he used freely to claim he had a new revelation that overturned the previous revelation, the new revelation invariably calling for more violence against infidels. So while some early verses state allah is merciful and wishes peace for people, later verses call for violence including murder against all infidels.

After you watch the video of Dr Warner, it should be clear that islam is a cult of violence, created by a man, not god, and the entire history of islam to this very day substantiates that conclusion by virtue of the undeniable, repeated offensive military campaigns conducted by muslims. It also serves to deny the claim that islam is divided into “radical” and peaceful muslims. Further proof of that is that of all donations made to islam through mosques, 1/8th of those donations go directly to support violent jihad, which is evidenced in the writings of islam.

So if you wish to continue this discussion on islam, I welcome that for in my opinion, islam is a cancer infecting the world, and the world must soon decide if it will allow to exist at all. In the absence of a decision, islam can be expected to grow, to wage violent jihad, and very possibly to eventually conquer the entire world, subjugating all people to its suppressive rule.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!