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Thanks for your insights tweva. Always appreciated. Having lived in the places I have, I have lived a rather sheltered life by modern cosmopolitan standards. I never actually even met a Muslim and for that matter I have only ever known an extremely small number of racial minorities, counting on my fingers I’d still have fingers left. This is simply because there weren’t any minorities where I lived or went to school, and so I have very little real world experience with other than Christians and Jews of European descent. Where I grew up the majority were Catholic, and much of the remainder were Jewish. I was in college before I ever even knew that there were people who were prejudiced against Jews. I was utterly shocked when I heard someone say something derogatory one day. I had never heard such a thing from the priest or nuns, nor from my family or friends.

I hear what you are saying about American immigrant Muslims and their children but my understanding is that a significant part of the American Muslim community are native born blacks. They don’t have family in the “old country” so to speak, but they don';t seem to speak out against Islamic fundamentalism either.