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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>My fears would be greatly eased if I could believe she represents the majority of Muslims.

Unfortunately, at this place in time, I think it is perhaps 60/40 not in the fundamentalist favor if somehow you could do a worldwide poll. Fear of violent death/torture has a way of changing oppressed people’s stated beliefs, whether that is really their belief or not. Unfortunately, world politics being what they are, the majority opinion does not always prevail. The fundamentalists have long been funded and encouraged by many groups/nation states and have access to weapons and power.

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>Muslims are relatively few in number here and have not been subjected to the terror attacks by the fundamentalists that have silenced voices of moderation elsewhere. Why then aren’t they openly opposing the terror attacks and Islamic fundamentalism? They are free to do so in this country without fear of persecution.

Well, for those born here it is something to puzzle I agree; however, you can’t forget that many Muslims living here have extended families still living in some very scarey countries and are deeply afraid of retribution. And, particularly if you were not born and raised here, and have at least some confidence you can speak freely without loss of limb or life, I am fairly sure that it isn’t something easy to acquire; i.e. ‘oh now I have a foot on American soil so I can forget all the oppression, horrors I have seen and lived with in my life to date and can without any fear speak out’. The majority of people as you know are not of the mien to be leaders. And, with all that has been going here in the states – would you (if you were in their shoes) be confident when you sent your kids off to school or were in your house eating dinner that one of these jihadist fundamentalist converts here would not target you? I wouldn’t.

Then too you just have to read this forum to see what a cross section of Americans think of Muslims and their faith. There is next to zero understanding of the various spouted ‘knowledge’ about how the Islamic faith came in to being, Mohammed, monotheism etc.. I am not Muslim. I am not condoning terrorists, jihadists and Sharia law. But, I have known many fabulous Muslims and practitioners of Islam that are brilliant, peaceful, forward-thinking people. They believe that Mohammed was the last of the prophets sent by God (not THE only prophet) to enlighten a people of a certain culture/region and background in a certain part of the world in a way, for the time, they could best perhaps accept – to the idea of monotheism – AND a way forward for each to start their journal to define their own spirituality and oneness with GOD (given that point in time/culture (worshiping multiple idols) There is only ONE GOD – and…wait for it….and their ONE GOD is our GOD, is the same being worshiped (albeit in different ways) by all of the major religions. That’s a very short/incomplete summation. Purposefully.. as I don’t care to get into debates about religion – especially regarding one I was not raised in.

What I am saying is that there is an HUGE gap in knowledge amongst Westerners about Muslims, Islam and the many different sects. But then, I am sure it is just as difficult for them to understand the many divisions/belief systems of Christianity as well.