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Thanks tweva. That was very good. My fears would be greatly eased if I could believe she represents the majority of Muslims. Two things though. She repeatedly refers to the fundamentalist “movement” which infers a minority status, but in much of the Muslim world, the fundamentalists as she calls them have won. They are in charge, or they are on their way to being in charge. The other thing is specific to the US. Muslims are relatively few in number here and have not been subjected to the terror attacks by the fundamentalists that have silenced voices of moderation elsewhere. Why then aren’t they openly opposing the terror attacks and Islamic fundamentalism? They are free to do so in this country without fear of persecution. One of her examples was the guy in Minneapolis I believe who has been shunned by his mosque for trying to give gives an alternative to the radicalization that his nephew got in the mosque. He is a moderate but it doesn’t sound like his mosque supports that line of thought. I really liked her and again, would love to believe she represents the majority, but that may be more wishful thinking that reality. What happened in Paris was yet another opportunity in this country for moderates to step forward and condemn the act itself, and support freedom of speech, but it isn’t happening.