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Ronym, you seem to be confusing words with actions. Christians and Jews are not beheading people or stoning them to death. Muslims are. Christians and Jews are not strapping bombs to themselves or their children in the name of Christianity or Judaism. Muslims are. In Western countries, Muslims are not persecuted for being Muslim. Increasingly in Muslim countries Christians are being persecuted for being Christian. Christians and Jews severely prosecute pedophiles. Poor Muslims let rich ones take their pre-pubescent sons to be “dancing boys” in some countries. Christian and Jewish women aren’t being sexually mutilated in the name of religion. Muslim women in parts of Africa are. Women in Western countries have equal rights. In Muslim countries women don’t. No matter what you say about rape, in much of the Muslim world women that are raped are the ones who get punished. When some Christian nutcase does something wrong in the name of Christianity, Christians condemn that person. Muslims don’t condemn the violence committed in the name of Islam by the jihadis. Can you not see the fundamental incompatibility between the West and Islam? We are getting very close to the point where Christians and Jews in Western countries are going to start fighting back and the politically correct “religion of peace” nonsense espoused by those with an interest in appeasing Muslims will be swept aside by a general public that has had enough. The best thing that can happen is if there is a complete separation. Muslims in Muslim countries, Non-Muslims in Western countries. I say non-Muslims rather than Christians and Jews because Islam is the only major religion incompatible with the Western world. Hindus, Buddhists, and so forth assimilate in the West just fine.