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we have missing dot…
what “elite” must do, are perpetrating the right and final “trigger”
to justify agenda 21
by “painting” NDAA ( National Defense Authorization Act ) as good as possible for the people
because of lot of US military personnel are not willing to pointing their gun in the face of US citizen
( its againt their God and their Oath )
even some General resigning early to avoid any trouble
( in one side they don’t want to argue with their boss… and risking their family
and in the other side they dont want to commanding their troop to pointing gun at US citizen )
so “the elite” must “paint a better picture” with NDAA
new update about NDAA 2015…


and also perpetrating another false flag operation ( bigger than 9/11 )
to diverting people opinion
how about “sacrificing” 12000 people and blamed to ISIS ?
so then citizen of US ( including prepper, survivalist ) will have urgency to push their gov
to punish that ISIS bastard
yeahhh… they get their WAR
and how about invading syria and IRAN in the process of hunting ISIS ?
well done… they have WW3