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There have many terrorist attacks for years and years at this point, but I think what happened in Paris has caused many to wake up to the Islamic threat to our very way of life. I am left wondering if this is because the reason for the attack was something as benign as a satirical publication that Muslims found offensive. Instead of choosing to register their protest by just not buying the magazine they chose an utterly barbaric act instead. I’m thinking it may have caused many to realize that it is our very way of life that Islam is at war with, and that nothing we do can appease them, let alone assimilate them. I am seeing this awakening in multiple places, but regretfully not at the very top of Western political hierarchy. Hopefully they will read public sentiment and change their tune.

I will join the chorus here against multi-culturism. I fine with people coming to the US (or Europe) from anywhere so long as they adopt our culture and become one of us. If that';s not their intent, then don’t come.

I realize it is impossible to evict citizens, but I don’t see any reason why we can start expelling all non-citizen Muslims, and not allowing any further Muslim immigration. To do otherwise only serves to make a bad problem even worse.

I agree with Malgus that the US/Canada needs to support Europe. It is the land of our forebears and we do share a common culture. The differences some might point to are superficial.