Four farm residents murdered so far in 2015
14:13 (GMT+2), Tue, Tuesday, January 06, 2015
By Lloyd Phillips

At least three farmers or residents on farms were murdered in the first six days of 2015, with a fourth possible murder still to be confirmed.

TAU SA reported that Willem Skippie de Klerk was killed in Rustenburg in the North West on 3 January. Then, on 4 January, André du Preez of Ifafi, also in the North West, was murdered, as was Stick Green of KwaZulu-Natal’s Estcourt area.

TAU SA added that it had received a report of another farm murder on 4 January involving an as yet unknown victim in the North West’s Rietfontein area.

Preliminary statistics collected by TAU SA revealed that there were 65 murders in 273 farm attacks nationwide during 2014.

“The mere fact that available [farm murders/farm attacks] statistics do not reflect any declining tendency, seen against the background of declining numbers of commercial farmers, in fact reflect an increase of violent crimes on farms,” said Chris van Zyl, TAU SA’s assistant general manager: policy liaison.
“It could therefore be concluded that the Rural Safety Strategy of the SAPS, and the practical implementation thereof, is not showing positive results.”
Meanwhile, Kwanalu said it was “very, very disappointed” and concerned to learn of Green’s murder in the province despite the significantly increased policing over the festive season.
“We still find that self-enrichment through robbery is the main motivation for farm attacks and farm murders in KZN,” said Koos Marais of the Kwanalu security desk.
“It’s disappointing to learn that most farm attacks still occur as a result of poor security. We call on farmers to increase security around their homes. This homestead security must be on a par with those in city areas.” http://www.farmersweekly.co.za/news.aspx?id=67430&h=Fourfarmresidentsmurderedsofarin2015

By 7 January there were 5 confirmed farm murders…Latest a 75 year old lady, strangled with wire. Why kill old people ..for self-enrichment?? And I would like to know how you farm while being in your “safe homestead” the whole day. Farmers can not afford to fence in their whole farm with a proper security fence. …idi0t