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c, on your, ” Personally, I have changed my use of language after finding out about Agenda 21 and I am much more aware of how the powers-that-be are manipulating my thoughts in this one area.”

That is OK I see that happening all over, they know this and have planned this. The manipulating of the young has been going on for 100’s of years and they are getting better at it but when we get older that manipulation doesn’t work that easy anymore, that is were they are having problems.

On “Guys, you have to remember I don’t have the same training, life experience, or beliefs. When Freedom says, “God will bless us for the sacrifice we will make”, I cannot confirm or deny such a statement. All I know is you believe that statement.”

There were some at the beginning of the fight to build America with the founding fathers that didn’t believe in anything religious but they did know that to have freedom and liberty that they had to stand up and fight against the one’s that wanted to control them.

I do understand that you have no understanding of God, my belief is that good or bad men and women are all Gods children and that you are my brother. I also believe you have a good heart, that you have good intentions and that you are not a bad person at all. Your beliefs are what you know.

On the training or life experience even if I had none my answer would be the same.