Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

Selco is right, you can build a great nation that is multicultural. In America, you have Native Americans, English, French, Scots, Poles, etc. At the core, we are all Americans, yet remember our roots. We don’t force our neighbor to act/believe/conform on our whims.

What the MSM and Progressives are promoting is balkanization. This is where you pit one culture against the other, and the country shatters. Look at our nation today. Black vs white, Latino vs black, straight vs gay, Muslim against Christian. You keep the individual groups pitted against each other while you rob them all blind and crush freedom.

The problem with Islam is you have basically two choices: convert or die. The Progressives haven’t realized once the crap busts loose here, they are at the top of the list. They will be the first to meet the executioner. They should have gotten a clue when Imanutjob from Iran was doing that Q&A a couple of years ago, and one student quipped about gays being in Iran. Nutjob didn’t bat an eyelash when he asked, “Where are they?” Most of the students in that room would be dead under Islam San Fransisco would be razed to the ground under Islam, right along with several other major cities. Conversion would not be an option for them.

Never challenge a man who has nothing left to lose.