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ronym,the root of all these problems is that Islamic culture is incompatible with Western culture. We believe in secular govt., freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Islam does not. Muslims that choose to live in Western countries must accept our culture. If not, then live in Muslim countries. Satire by definition is making fun of someone or something. It is a long accepted part of Western culture. The proper response to anyone who doesn’t like a particular kind of satire is to ignore it. Very simple. Sometimes I find satire or comedy directed at Jesus or Christianity funny and other times I find it in poor taste. If in poor taste I can choose to express my opinion but that is as far as it goes. Western law does not allow me to be judge and jury every time I see or hear something that offends me. Sharia law and fatwas are irrelevant in the West. They have no standing, and are generally viewed as barbaric to Westerners. I’m fine if it is against the law in Saudi Arabia or some other Muslim country to insult Allah, but it is not against the law in France or any other Western country. Conversely, here in the West we severely punish rapists and pedophiles but that does not give us the right to go into a Muslim country and apply our laws against rapists and pedophiles that go unpunished under Sharia law.