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I had to look up 4GW…. Interesting concept.

Guys, you have to remember I don’t have the same training, life experience, or beliefs. When Freedom says, “God will bless us for the sacrifice we will make”, I cannot confirm or deny such a statement. All I know is you believe that statement.

I don’t even know if there is a God and I certainly don’t feel I would know the will of God even if there was a God. As I have said before, I see the future as unmade and unknowable. Therefore, I don’t believe in predictions of the future. When you talk about “destiny”, I again, have no comment.

I’m not even arguing that standing and fighting might not be the right choice. It seems your view of standing and fighting is more of a view from the “warrior class”. Standing and fighting might be the better response for someone with your training, experience and beliefs.

As for staying and fighting, it’s just not the right choice for me. As someone from more of a “merchant class”, peaceful trading in a free society is my way to build bridges of peace and a better world. I am aware of the danger that a man with a hammer sees everything as a nail to be pounded… It is a warning for all of us, having habitual reactions to a given stimulus.

In my world, it’s okay that you are having a different reaction to the same stimulus. As for Agenda 21 and the program’s followers, I think a program of education and observation is called for. Personally, I have changed my use of language after finding out about Agenda 21 and I am much more aware of how the powers-that-be are manipulating my thoughts in this one area.