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Matt mentioned it and it was kind of overlooked a bit. We are talking about an entire religion that was authored by a criminal, in a cave, on the run for his crimes, and based upon Gnostic Christian texts in the early 600’s. This is a new religion that is an offshoot of a dying version of Christianity.

Tweva I think is correct about the rewriting of many religious texts, to include the Bible. Ever wonder why the most common Bible in the US is called “The King James Version?” That was who had it rewritten. The Vatican has admitted to have modified verses to adapt to current political climates in years past. Considering that the oldest versions of the different gospels are under lock and key, there is little chance of a current translation from these oldest copies. Remember that few of the “original” gospels are around either. What has been used more often than not were copies.

I also agree that the quar’an has definitely been modified to suit specific needs. Depending on where you get it, each one will have different translations or passages. When I decided to read it for academic purposes, I had a hard time getting two that were translated into English that read the same. We are not talking about a single word or two here or there. Entire passages were different, which makes it hard for people to really “understand” their religion. From what I have been able to glean, their clerics make crap up as they go and the followers are forced to tow that line.

What really chaps my hind quarters about all this is that our idiot leaders have realy pressed the condemnation of Christianity, but disallow upsetting muslims. It is a complete double standard. Very irritating to me.

******Note that I do not capitalize any word dealing with the islamic religion. The actions of their peple do not warrant even that courtesy in my opinion********