<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>ronym wrote:</div>we call it action-reaction…<br>

if you are doing nothing… then muslim will do nothing to you<br>
it’s universal law<br>

The French did nothing to them except allow them in their country. Guess that was the wrong action to take.
The people in the Twin Towers did nothing to them. Guess going to work that day was the wrong action to take.
The people in the French Deli did nothing to them. So much for getting a good bagel sandwich.

Someone drew a cartoon? They and others get killed for it? This from a supposed religion of peace?
Sounds like a load of manure to me.
Why not just go stone another rape victim to death, while protecting the rapist. It makes about as much sense.

There is NO universal “law”.
Despite the desire of some for sharia law to be imposed on all.
Otherwise sleazy little goat rapers, child molesters and the like would be summarily killed instead of being accepted and held in high regard in certain areas.
sharia law doesn’t apply here.

Reality of the your “action/reaction”.
You insult my mother, I may slap you silly and move on with my life, or I may realize you’re nothing but a child who lacks any manners and education and ignore you.
I’m not going to build a bomb, blow up the marketplace where your mother is shopping.

You have a problem with me over something I said or did? Come on and we’ll dance. That’s personal.

You have a problem because someone insults or ridicules someone dead for thousands of years, and you want to bring me into it because I don’t believe? Again, I will keep my comments to myself, no need to overwork the language filter.

As to the “Millions of Muslims” killed 24/7, again, naught but hooey.
If that were happening, there wouldn’t be any Muslims left post-9/11.