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Thanks for clarifying. I agree with you whole heartedly.

Where one is from is not the problem. It is the values that get forced down our throats and called diversity. America is not Europe. We left there because of the laws and values that were being enforced. Have they changed? In some areas. Individualism is indeed what founded this country but they all had one thing in common. They wanted to build America, the best place on earth. We are different than other countries. If you come to this country because of what it has to offer then suport its values and keep building it so others can do the same. If you don’t like how we believe (values not necessarily religion) then go somewhere with the same beliefs you have. If “The West” is so dependant on America making it then do what they must to support us. Don’t try to make us something different. What we have been has up to this point helped countries the world over. We are not perfect and have made mistakes but overall the world would not be what it is today without America being what it is. Sorry to go on a rant but I am sick and tired of being called a racist because I am proud to be an American who believes in the God given rights declared in our founding document the Constitution.