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we call it action-reaction…
if someone insulting your dad or mom ( action ) …
then there will be “reaction”
( you will hate him… or even take him to the police because of insulting your parent )
its true that we have a freedom to speak our idea
but if it insulting “someone” ( moreover prophet… or Jesus )
you will be “responsible” for your “action”
you can complaining that you have right to speak,
but if it means insulting someone, then there will be law that catch you
and if you respect other
then they will respect you
( they don’t have any right to harm you ( including muslim ))
in another word
if you are doing nothing… then muslim will do nothing to you
it’s universal law
like… if i give you a smile… then automatically you will smile at me
i dont have to ask you for smiling at me… but spontaneously you will smile at me…
its universal… no matter where or what culture we are
because of God creating us the same ( human being )