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Hegelian Dialectic… as usual
Problem – Reaction – Solution
as Selco mentioned about time to “think clearly”
we must to understand that so called “Military Industrial Complex” need some big war to get profit
( because they sell weapon… so big war means big profit )
also the so called “elite”, need some big war
to “clean” their messed accounting problem
( like they do in Building 7 )
why its easy to make conclusion that this terror attack are problem – reaction – solution ?
its easy… if it is true that muslim done that
what “benefit” they get ?
USA or NATO alliance reatreat from muslim world ?
the truth is… this terror attack become an excuse to wage a bigger war
every prepper must understand that “false flag” operation
are “scripted” to make some objective and bigger purpose
( like scraping first and second amandment, declare martial law or just ethnic cleansing like NAZI does by demonizing jew )