Yea, my words are not understood maybe, again, English is not my native language, so very often I miss many words to say something, and then I must say it short, in short way, sometimes loosing main point.

With multiculturalism I mean people are free to follow their culture but have to be integrated into the culture of country they are living in. It means nothing wrong with different believes if they do not go against core values of the place where people live.

If man comes to my country from the far away, and wants to be part of society, to contribute, to live by the law and everything else it can be OK.
If whole bunch of people come to my country, form their neighborhoods, laws, and start to manipulate with my way of living, start to force their culture over my culture they do not have any reason to be here.
They need to go, or even better, they should not be allowed to come to my country at the first place.

I still think that multiculturalism can be good think, can make great nations. But this situation what we have today in Europe is not multiculturalism. It is one culture that is not compatible with our way of living trying to force their way of living to us.