Jay, bearing in mind Selco’s comment about keeping our minds clear, let’s consider muslim philosophy before we allow any muslims into our countries.

The fact is that muslims live under the tenants of islam as told by Mohammed. Their philosophy includes taqiyya, which is lying so long as it benefits islam. They are also told they must “fight them until all is islam”. Leaving out many other troublesome tenants of islam, these two alone are cause for concern as together they prove, at least to me, that muslimes cannot ever be trusted regardless of what they say.

For that reason, I must disagree with one remark you made suggesting muslims must pass some form of psychological evaluation before allowing them into our countries. Based on my assessment, I suggest that islam is totally incompatible with Western civilization meaning we would be wise to prevent them from even entering our countries, much less live there.

That is what I believe. Having said that I am willing to consider the comments of you and all our members.

I hear you and I agree. The point is just that there are several different interpretations of the quran and some are really really peaceful. If you take what is written there word by word and people use this to guide their lives then yes they are not compatible at all with the western world and our ideas of freedom.

Its just a dangerous road we are heading down if we put all muslims in one bag if you know what I mean. So individual testing or even evaluation camps would make sense. Of course the people who want to move to our countries would have to pay for this themselves. No money back if you fail.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")