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I think I understand Selco’s comment about multiculturalism, though please correct me if I am wrong Selco. Multiculturalism for some means different from different backgrounds people living together in peace, each of whom respects the other’s differences. The problem is that while liberals and mislimes like to tout the word and accuse conservatives and Patriots of being bigots, the truth is that neither liberals nor muslimes actually believe their own lie. Both liberals and muslimes simply use the word to hide their true intention which is to force their belief system on everyone else. The proof is clear for anyone with eyes to see though two short examples should prove the point.

First, an avoid liberal, Margaret Sanger, created Planned Parenthood ostensibly for the purpose of protecting women’s “rights”, when in reality she has been quoted as saying the purpose of PP was to eliminate “undesirables” especially the black population, from America by using abortions. Muslimes do a similar thing in that they preach tolerance at the same time they destroy all signs of Christianity in muslime countries and behead apostates who reject islime and become Christians.

I believe it is clear that multiculturalism has been used by liberals and muslimes for their evil purposes, so let us be careful in its use for many will misunderstand our intentions which, unlike liberals and muslimes, are benign, while the latter are purely evil.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!