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A population that doesn’t watch the news is a population that is blind. Even if the news is lies or half truth and half lies. You will live a life of knowing only what is happening in your little town or city which is what the elites would love for the population to do. The elite would love for the population to be as uneducated about the news as possible.

If no news then you would not know of what happen in 911, what happen in 2008 rescission, that the country was in two wars, who and what president we have and what he or she is doing to the country. If you want to live blind in a small town or farm that is fine but I want to know what is happening.

Dictators, Socialist, and Communist would love for all of there people to turn off the news, the internet, forums like this on, have the population blind only thinking about there little world. I say NO!! The news, the internet are very important and we the people need to stay updated and be able to tell the lies from the truth. That is freedom.