The earlier point about seeds and food, IMHO, is critically important. Given the surprisingly small amount of room to store food and water (beyond the on-board water tank), food availability will become a major concern very quickly, especially if you have little ones. In short, it would seem my compromise/BOV/RV/SHTF-vehicle is NOT the panacea to solve all problems.

As another had pointed out, the only way this becomes a viable emergency vehicle is as a measure of shelter and (some) physical security, such as it is. Without a cache to go to for food, water and fuel, the solution is strictly short-term, no matter how much planning you’ve done and how much work/modifications you perform on the RV.

Which means we (as in my family and myself) need tribe. Like-minded friends, whatever family will have the strength to prepare (even to some small modicum of energy), some friends who are retired military operators (unlike our local SWAT operator “wannabes”), and so on. The reality is that no matter how much we prepare, we can’t be walking a perimeter 24x7x365 with an M-60 slung over our shoulder (like Rambo). We all have to sleep sometime, and have someone to watch our asses while we’re trying to catch some Z’s…

Already working on this aspect, renewing old friendships, seeing what’ll happen. Try as I might, all the efforts I make aren’t going to make the slightest difference, if we don’t have a tribe to link up with, however we do it.

I’d written this aspect off as impossible, due to the apathy of most of the people I meet. But compared to the technical problems which are simply insurmountable (without being independently wealth, which I most definitely am NOT)….? I guess it’s time to be quit being a hermit, and try to be sociable again. :-|