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“I’m curious what formation of order you might have in mind. The problems we have are usually not derived from the type of governance applied. – See more at: http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/rebuilding-after-shtf-any-plans/page/2/#post-33976

74 – (sorry for long delay – lead up to and holidays have been exhausting this end). – Our plan is really no plan for ‘governance’ – but rather rooted in helpfulness, necessity and community mindedness. We’re concentrating on putting in place physical things we feel may be needed, gathering things we feel may be needed/and people of a mind set we feel may be needed/might still be around. No formal structure for now, nor plans for one. On that, at least for the moment, we are generally all in agreement on that point. Suspending/fighting the urge to define an ‘organization’. Yeah…utopian idea for now…but that’s how we have been rolling for a few years now