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Ghost Prime, I believe that if we all stand together history has shown that the people can win. We do have a better chance since we have the 2nd Amendment and have a population of over 100 million gun owners of which I believe at less 2 to 4% will resist. Gorilla warfare will be hard for them to win. Have the military won the last two wars? And the two wars were against people we do not even know so can you see them fighting there own people and killing them, there will be many in the military that will turn when they see that we are well armed and will fight to the end they will come to us to fight next to us.

War is war so yes they will use everything they have to squash us but so will we. I feel very deeply that the part of the military will help the people and that many of the military that have been fired will come to help us or guide us into battle. I do believe they have plans and have had meetings. The other groups are the Oath Keepers and there are others.

We will not be alone my brother. It is better to die free then to live as a slave. All the move to other countries will also live as slaves since there goals are a World order. No where to run, we must fight. Molon Labe.