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Malgus and Freedom, I’m glad you feel so certain of your position.

Along with not crossing the state enforcers, you have to really watch out for the other slaves (the true believers). Remember Stalin had help from his paid informants (rats) in the community. Individuals take a great risk when the elected government in power, is as you say, black bagging people. The government officials will find you and shoot you after they torture your families for being enemies of the state. Have fun rebelling. I’ll be long gone.

I’m a capitalist-pig-dog that lives for peace. I’m not a volatile person. Peace and love, Friend! :) I can only do my best work in a peaceful society that values freedom and liberty. Without that, I have to leave.

The only way to convince some people is to “give” them their fascist/socialist dream world. I have many friends that will never change their position about the goodness of total government control. You can see it in their glassy eyes. What a wonderful world they will build when they and their friends have CONTROL! They will make the world WONDERFUL! Of course, they know THEY will be part of the elite ruling class because they are special. Ugh.

You rebel in your way. I’ll rebel in my way. That’s the meaning of freedom and liberty. :)