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c, My family did that and 55 years later they are still governing a communist government, if all the Cubans would have stayed maybe they would have had a civil war and taken back there country. But no we ran. Then it happen again in 1980 Fidel Castro saw that there was a revolt happening so he opened the doors and told them go, told the Cubans in Miami come on down and pick up your families, well what happen? Castro filled up all the boats from Miami with all the criminals in jail and mixed them up with the ones that wanted freedom so to make them all look bad. Again Castro won!

So my point is the communist would love for you to leave! The more the better and easier it will be for them to take over.

c, I love all of you guys and gals on this forum but I can tell you that leaving is not the solution and will not change anything.

c, Are you in the U. S. or somewhere else?