Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

The Main-Stream Media had an excellent teacher: Joseph Goebbels. Next time you go to a history museum(or simply google it), compare the “propoganda” posters from Germany, Russia, Great Britain, and the US. Not just the “Rosie the Riveter” ones, but others aimed at scaring the populace. You will note the similarities real fast. Goebbels found out if you tell the lie over and over, people accept it as truth. Now look at people in the US today. Speak out against a black person, you are a racist with “white privilege”. Speak out about the Islamic vermin who do what these men did, you are an islamaphobe. Speak out against the government, you are unpatriotic. Get the picture yet?

Don’t even get me started on the “two party joke” called DC. They are both two sides of the same coin, sans a few who still have their morality.

What happened in Paris was well planned, well orchestrated, and well executed. They would like you to believe these “terrorist” are 3rd world goat herders. Remember when IS took Falluja? How do you think they got all that firepower out of there? Someone had knowledge of the Apache choppers, probably even trained with the US fighters, and trained the “goat herders”. It is a known fact here gang members join the military, spend 4 years training, then go back to the hood to train the “brothas”. One trains two, two trains four, four train eight…..you get the picture.

Multiculturalism is simply put, a death by a thousand cuts.

Never challenge a man who has nothing left to lose.