Rowan McDirk
Rowan McDirk

Some of the journalists and cartoonists have had death threats before and were under police protection.
Sadly the police protection was not effective.

All this also happened in country with strict gun control, but this is just something to take note of. – See more at: http://community.shtfschool.com/security/aftermath-of-terror-attack-time-to-think-clearly/#sthash.P7NQQwds.dpuf

In France you can get a concealed carry licence if you can prove you are in danger. The gun and weapon laws are not as strict as you think (but not as liberal is in the US).
I am very sure the used weapons were no registered sport weapons, let’s hope the government does not turn on the legal gun owners (again).

You are totally correct about the terrorists using it to create a climate where muslims are targeted. Already mosques have been shot at, grenades been thrown at them.
Some of the Belgian government are already saying the army should be used to ‘guard’ the cities.

I think it is very hard for the european governments to resolve the situation.
I think all muslims should strongly move away and condemn the terrorist acts. Should take care of all extremism in their subculture and inform the authorities in necessary.
The only reply from a muslim spokesman I read says it should not have happened and it is horrible, but western european society is to blame for not integrating young muslims, because they can’t get jobs and degrees…