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My rules:
#23 Taxes and political correctness are tools of governmental control.

France has had many terrorist attacks and to compare this one to 9/11 is horrible. They are an unarmed country of victims that are at the complete whim of their rulers. Now the muslims that have moved in are now treating Paris like any other muslim city. Until the rest of the world has enough and forces the ‘moderate’ muslims to police their own we really have no options except sit here and wait for the next one.

Why is it that in our “free” country some minister from Florida can’t burn a bunch of quar’an but they are beheading Christians in muslim countries? Why is the quar’an protected, but Christian beliefs are not? Simple…. Our Muslim in Chief and all his cronies don’t like it. This is truly a hateful religion that has as many years of murder and oppression behind it as any other, only it won’t quit like the Christian churches did. Nothing that we can do or we might upset their gentle natures and make them murder more people.