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I do not agree with you on this, the reason Agenda 21 is not taken control is because we are doing many things that do stop it, like we have stopped many of the gun control laws. We the people need to change the way we think! The founding fathers would say what are you talking about that we the people can’t do anything about this! YES we can do many things. We have to fight to the end! Not run from them taking over. There will be no where to go in the world because they will make Agenda 21 a world order that will control all peoples but they know for a fact that the U. S. will have to be controlled first. We the people have to fight back, make this the fight that they will lose.

This is what they want for us to thing we can’t do anything, I say yes we can do it, we can win our freedom and liberties. Do not give up your freedoms that easy! Prepare to fight together and we will win.