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We have to be very careful of just turning off your TV’s because yes they are manipulating the news but if you are not smart enough to know what is a lie and what is the truth then you do have a problem.

By turning off the TV they have won! Now you do not know the lies or the truth, you do not know what is going on around you even if it is a lie. This is why forums, the internet have helped because we post the news on our forums, blogs and are able to tell each others what we think is a lie or the truth. That freedom of finding out between all of us is very important to keep no matter what lies they feed us. We have to show our kids the lies that they feed us and why, what is there plans. They need to know what is going on. We can not be turning off the TV and being a sleeping sheep to be slaughtered because we have no idea what the lies are or the truth.

This is planned this way. They do not want the people that know the facts. They love the people that think that why waste your time when these events are outside of your personal control! NO THEY ARE NOT!!!! If we all complain and use the power given to us by God they would back down. But they know 99% of us will just say it is outside of of our control and not do anything.

Till we the people stand together and fight back we will let this happen over and over and turning off the TV will not stop them. The point is to save our country not to stand there and let things just happen because they are outside of our control. This is why our founding fathers wrote the U. S.Constitution so that we the people have a fighting change. But it is to be used by the people and blood has always had to be shedded for freedom. It is up to the people to fight for there freedoms and liberties. They are counting that we don’t!