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freedom, I have seen others express similar sentiment and you may be right but there is also another way of looking at this. In some regards rural communities in the US are at risk. Many rural areas are seeing their population drop. The median age of rural populations is older than that of urban/suburban communities because many of the young leave rural communities for job opportunities in urban/suburban areas. We have had that discussion here recently. In turn businesses don’t locate in rural areas for lack of a modern technological infrastructure and a population with the skill sets that they need. Sort of like a vicious circle at work. The little general store that serviced my hamlet burned down the summer before last and it isn’t being rebuilt because it isn’t economically feasible to do so. It is now a 7 mile drive each way to get a gallon of milk. A generation ago it was a thriving business but fewer people live here than used to, and even less work locally. There are almost no kids living in my hamlet. I do not have cell phone reception at my house.