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I also agree with MB and sledjockey, North Korea must have many of there Computer Engineers study in China. Communist are like that, they will send there young to study for years. North Korea has that with China and do have the 6,000+ Computer engineers, maybe China, Iran send them all the teachers to North Korea since Iran is another source cyber computer engineers. Iran has many from all the Muslim countries coming to the U. S. and Europe to study. Here in the Universes they are full of Muslim studying all the different engineering studies.

North Korea works just like all the other communist counties were the population is dieing of hunger but if you are a part of the government you eat lobster. What I mean is they have many in there country ready to go learn what they need to learn in China, Russia, Iran or even the U. S. with Chinese passports provided to them to come study here. The North Koreans tell them that they need to do this for there families if not there families will die of hunger.

So they are totally under the control of the North Korean government.